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Saturday, June 2, 2007

PSFs Return

Dear Politically Savvy Friends,

It has been months since I took fingers to keyboard to send you one of my periodic e-newsletters. Many of you have wondered what happened to that PSF (“Politically Savvy Friend”) missive that I sent out every couple of weeks, while a few of you are receiving this PSF for the very first time. So an explanation is in order.

Computer problems (what else!) plagued my life at the end of last year. That, coupled with a PSF list that has grown into the thousands, made the process of sending PSFs a nightmare. Today, thanks to an upgraded home computer system and the help of one of my Carnegie Mellon graduate students, we are inaugurating a better way to communicate with you.

First, those of you on this special PSF list will receive an occasional e-mail from me about all things political and governmental at the national, state, and local level from the perspective of someone who spent years inside the Capitol Beltway as well as time out where “real” Americans work and live. As one of my Politically Savvy Friends, I welcome your personal (and off-the-record) insights and comments back, along with any hot tips you have.

Second, you can now visit my web blog called Delano’s Den where I will post publicly (1) an abbreviated version of the PSFs, (2) links to some of my TV news stories and interviews (which you can watch) and print articles, (3) the audio podcasts that I will be renewing at TalkShoe (which I hope you will participate in or listen to later), (4) links to blogs, websites, and candidate homepages, and (5) the obligatory bio of yours truly. I hope you will check all this out and add Delano’s Den to your favorites.

Third, as many of you know, I do all this for fun at my own expense without charging my PSFers for anything. I don’t expect us to agree about everything. Indeed, my PSFers come from all political stripes – super conservative to very liberal – while most of the time I am a “flaming” moderate. My point is to share news, information, and perspective, not to persuade you. As you will hear me say often, this is a great country because of the diversity of our viewpoints. We need to respect that more often.

So, welcome back, PSFers!


Matt H said...


LVDem said...

good to read you again Jon. Would love to exchange blog rolls. Keystone Politics loves to read your work.

rob said...

Hey Jon,

Hope all is well. Please post.

18th Annual South End Active Democrats Picnic at South Park

The 18th Annual Free South End Active Democrats (SEAD) will be Sunday, Aug. 5 from 1 to 8 p.m. at the Cottage Pavilion (formerly Commissioners’ Cottage in South Park). Last year more than 400 people braved the 90 degree heat and had a great time.
The picnic is free, but attendees are asked to bring a covered dish. The covered dish should be in a disposable container. There will be plenty of events for the kids and family. The picnic begins at 1 p.m. with hot dogs and hamburgers from the grill; a petting zoo and pony rides will take place from 2 to 3:30 p.m.; a buffet at 3:30 p.m.; at 4 p.m., back by popular demand, “The Wild World of Animals, Exotic Animal Show;” and, for the kiddies from 5 to 7 p.m., train rides. During the day there will be a duck pond, Jimmy the Juke Box DJ, horseshoes, croquet, volleyball, softball, swings and playground, free beer and sodas and door prizes.
Call for reservations with how many are in your group and what you’re planning to bring. SEAD is also providing the chips, snacks, paper products and serving utensils.
For details contact SEAD president Robert Frank at 412- 431-4828 or email robfrank@winning.com or Rosemary at 412-343-5207. Anyone who would like to volunteer and help make this fun event happen should also call the organizers. Door prizes and donations are welcome. There will be no speeches, just a fun day at the park at the annual picnic.
The Cottage Pavilion is located adjacent to the Fairground buildings. The picnic will be held rain or Shine.
SEAD is a community organization, which connects ordinary people with candidates. They do not endorse candidates, but act as a way for people who want to get involved in campaigns or issues, but do not know how. They have more than 200 members from 38 communities, not just in the South Pittsburgh. The membership includes elected officials, candidates, Democratic committee members, concerned citizens and just people who would like to get involved.
The organization has members of all ages and always welcomes new members.